week 14

It is our final week before study week and final exam!!! and it is the day of our EDUTECHNOVATIONDAY. But the sad part is i can’t attend the edutechnovation day because i have things to do. But i have done everything that i can do before leaving. i am very sorry about this. This is our poster

a4 Final Edutech Poster

we keep it as minimalist kind of poster


I really want to give a round of applause to them because make my semester very colourful and cheerful though there are a lot of obstacles that we have been through. Again thank you so much. See yaa next time everyone. Therefore, i end my reflection here. ๐Ÿ™‚


week 13

On week 13, there is no class as the lecturers gave us time to prepare for our EDUTECHNOVATIONDAY. Next week on June 3rd, we will be having our big day which is the EDUTECHNOVATIONDAY. During that day, all of the group member will present their full video project and poster. While showing the poster, they also need to do a 3 minutes pitching to introduce their video and what it’s all about. A week ago, we have assign Naqib Syahmi as the head of the program, Fikri as his vice and me as the secretary. We have also discuss what need to be done and distribute the work equally among the other group. After distribute the work, we had come out with a nice poster


poster designed by one of the group

We had discuss a lot of things and made up a few meetings among the high committee to know their progress. i’m so glad that they give full commitment and cooperation in making it a piece of cake.


among the high committee

I think that is all. Thank you and can’t wait to see all of the group final video ๐Ÿ™‚

week 12

while in week 12, we had a revised version of our storyboard, we use manual way which is draw it. our drawing somehow is too small to be seen. the video that we are going to produce is based on Matluthfi the famous vlogger. we present our revised storyboard to the whole class. after the presentation, we still need to adjust to certain thing and improve certain scene to make it more interesting. we need to deal with it in order to make the best video product. we try to insert some humour in our video to capture people’s heart because many people like it to be more casual and funny at the same time.from the feedback and comments we get before, we try to improvised our video and try to apply all those comments in our video and correct it.

here is the revised version of our storyboard. it is a bit small, but we had explain it in the presentation according to the scenes. presentation video. that’s all. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


our video were inspired by this vlogger. click to go to his youtube channel.ย 

week 11

This week we have no class but a trip to Putrajaya on Saturday. This is our first field trip for this semester. It is an interesting field trip. In this field trip, we went to two places which were taman Botani and putrajaya mosque. Here we were advise to practice what we had learned which are related to photography. For my group we each has smartphone and a DSLR for this activity. We take turn in taking picture using DSLR. we need to suit the camera aperture, ISO and shutter speed according to the weather. For me, using smartphone is easier because i don’t have to adjust the setting but only tap on screen to give highlight to the pictures. But when i use DSLR, i don’t really sure about which setting is suitable to be used. therefore, most of the trip i depend on my members to teach me how to use DSLR and try to take the best pictures. I’m glad to have friends that are very helpful when im in need. that is all from me. thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰


this is me during the field trip ๐Ÿ™‚

week 10

In this week, we need to present some scene of our video project. We make 2 short video to show our introduction of our video project. The short videos are same dialogue but with different angle. ย First one we show how we use close up shot while the otherย video is where we shoot it using medium shot. We also use long shot but with no dialogue. We show to the lecturers and our fellow classmates about it and asked for their opinion. There are a lot of feedback that we get from them.

Feedback that we get:

  1. they prefer the close up angle because the view of the speaker is clearer
  2. use english in the video
  3. add subtitle to the video
  4. speakers need to speak with tempo
  5. make sure that the issues that we convey is related nowadays and can give impact to the viewer.

Using the comments and feedbacks, we try to improve our video making in order to make it better. Here is the link to our first video project presentation. have a look. After that we have a look at other groups presentation. I learned that different angle can be used according to suitable scene and give the best outcome. That is all from me. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

week 9

Assalam and hey all, for this week, the topic that we learn is about camera. We learn in depth about camera and how to produce nice and quality pictures.
1. how many time of camera?
– box camera
– compact camera
– many more
2. type of lens:
– wide angle lens
– standard lens
– telephoto lens
– micro lens
– many more

There are three important elements that need to be considered in taking pictures:
1. aperture ย  2. ISO ย  3. shutter speed

We also learn about rule of third in taking pictures.

MOC Zuckerman on Composition Rule of Thirds 1-2

example rule of third

After that we learn about flickr and make a flickr account. ok, that’s all for this week. hope to see you soon.

week 8

Hello everyone, this week, we learn about making a short video. First of all, what do we need to edit a video? Ofcourse a video editor. There are a lot of video editor that we can use.

1. Sony Vegas pro
2. iMovie
3. Adobe Premier Pro
But today we learn to edit a video using video maker. once again, we need to download and install video maker. But now I am alert on how to download and install it as i’ve done it before, therefore it is easier for me to do it. Today we were not going to edit a video about our project, but we actually making a short video. I learned to compile short clips to become a video, how to add transition, subtitle, credit at the end of the video and many more. in making those action, I need to allign between the sound, subtitle and so on. This help me in making the group project later. Other than that, I can also apply this during my teaching time when I become teacher in the future. making an interesting video for my students to enhance their interest. It is not only useful, but also very interesting activity. In this video compiling activity, I made a video of ‘film’s intoduction’. here is the product. ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s all, thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰